• Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Las Vegas - Guess the Royal???

Lemme give you some numbers, and tell me how much you would pay to go against this pitcher. This kid has NOT won a game on the road (0-4) this season. His last three starts read like a horror movie, allowing 24 hits and 18 earned runs over 15 innings. Giving up over a hit per inning. Pitching to a 10.80 ERA since the end of July, and you wanna hear the REALLY bad news? He is starting at Fenway Park. He might not want me to mention his name, but it's Glenn Sparkman. And you MUST specify that this wager is against Sparkman ONLY! Eduardo Rodriguez is on the bump for the Red Sox, but it wouldn't matter if Boston threw Curtis James Jackson III, 50 Cent, or Fiddy, at Kaycee, as long as Sparkman starts for the Royals.