Ecks & Bacon....Feel The Sizzle!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Las Vegas - Looking deep into the heart of Texas, but taking the Rams -1 point over the Cowboys. Waiting for Dallas to come alive is way more painful than 'Waiting for Godot.' And if you have not read the play or seen it on stage, it's pretty painful. Bought a ticket on the 'Boys to win the Super Bowl before the season started at 25/1. Not gonna divulge the amount of the wager, the IRS might be reading, but lets just say at 25/1 I woulda covered like half a year of tuition at Penn for one of the little Vics. Might have to BURN that ticket, unless someone wants to buy it at a STEEP discount. With three straight losses, it sure looks like Jason Garrett has lost the room. And with back-to-back wins, it sure looks like Sean McVay has recaptured some magic. Remember when we talked about following the money, especially when there is a switch of favorites? Well, Dallas opened -2, and L.A. is now -1. The last time that money moved the line so dramatically was week 13. Jacksonville opened -1.5 over Tampa, but the gigantic flow of money pushed the Bucs all the way to a -2.5 point fav. Final: Tampa 28-11. You KNOW we're gonna follow the money, and you know that we have only one thing left to say. This IS my BEST BET BAABBEEE!!!

And if you're looking for another wager, which has had BEST BET status in this column the last few weeks, check out my main man, my weekly fountain of GREEN, Zach Ertz. He brought home the cash again last week, snagging NINE balls for an easy breezy prop W. So, OF COURSE, we're all over Ertz OVER, no matter what the number is for total receptions!!!

Just got a weather report from my guy in New York, and he tells me that they're expecting winds of 15/25 mph at the Meadowlands for the Giants/Dolphins game. And the gusts could go as high as 40 mph, so we go LOW and take Under 46.


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