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The San Antonio Spurs are 9-1 SU and ATS in their last 10 playoff games at home. The Spurs'...

Las Vegas -



Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste are ring girls for the UFC, but hopefully they'll make some kind of deal and let them do the Mayweather/Pac Man fight. If not, click this to enlarge, and you'll be very, VERY happy!!!


And so it begins. The fight of the year, century, millennium, call it what ever you want, but we're gonna call it a DELICIOUS way to make a PILE of MONEY. Not as much as Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao, but enough to cover the price of two tickets. We're gonna start, just like Tina Turner said at the start of "Proud Mary," nice and easy, although we all know that nothing is nice and easy. Taking at look at the how the fight is gonna end, the method of victory, we think there's really good value in a few of the decision props. Don't believe that we're gonna see a knockout, so we start out with half a Benjamin on Mayweather to win a unanimous decision at 7/5 odds. Then we'll drop a $20 bill on each of the following. Got Mayweather to win a majority decision at 15/1 odds and Mayweather to win a split decision at 8/1 odds. Even if Pacquiao wins, don't believe it will be unanimous, so we'll take Pac Man to win a majority decision at 30/1 odds and to win a split decision at 15/1 odds. Also gonna drop half a Benj in the NBA on a 6-point two team teaser. We'll rock the Nets, and take Crooklyn from +4 to +10 points against the Hawks and then try the Bulls, and take Chicago down from -8 to -2 points over the Bucks.


Took a chance on the Clippers after they were embarrassed in game three, and they did exactly what we wanted, beating the Spurs 114-105 yesterday. Picked up half a Benj for the outing, and after pressing the proper buttons, the calculator says that +$480 is the current NBA figure.


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7:00 PM 510Brooklyn195½o-102199o-103198o-1150
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Atlanta :: Brooklyn)
8:00 PM 512Chicago-8½-110-8-102-8½-1050
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Milwaukee :: Chicago)
10:30 PM 514Portland-2-105-4-105-4-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Memphis :: Portland)
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8:30 PM 462New England-6-110-7+1150
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Pittsburgh :: New England)
09/13/2015463Green Bay-4-110-4-1100
1:00 PM 464Chicago50o-11050½o-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Green Bay :: Chicago)
09/13/2015465Kansas City42½o-11042½o-1100
1:00 PM 466Houston-1-110-1½-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Kansas City :: Houston)
1:00 PM 468NY Jets-2-110-1½-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Cleveland :: NY Jets)
1:00 PM 470Buffalo47½o-11048o-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Indianapolis :: Buffalo)
1:00 PM 472Washington44½o-11044½o-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Miami :: Washington)
1:00 PM 474Jacksonville43o-11043o-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Carolina :: Jacksonville)
1:00 PM 476St. Louis43½o-11043½o-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Seattle :: St. Louis)
09/13/2015477New Orleans47o-11047½o-1100
4:05 PM 478Arizona-3+100-2½-1200
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (New Orleans :: Arizona)
4:05 PM 480San Diego-2-110-2-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Detroit :: San Diego)
4:25 PM 482Tampa Bay-2½-110-3-1050
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Tennessee :: Tampa Bay)
4:25 PM 484Oakland44o-11044½o-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Cincinnati :: Oakland)
4:25 PM 486Denver-4-110-4-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Baltimore :: Denver)
09/13/2015487NY Giants50o-11050o-1100
8:30 PM 488Dallas-5½-110-5½-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (NY Giants :: Dallas)
7:10 PM 490Atlanta53o-1100+100o-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Philadelphia :: Atlanta)
10:20 PM 492San Francisco-4½-110-3½-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Minnesota :: San Francisco)
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04/27/2015951NY Mets7o-1258o-1078o-1150
7:10 PM 952Miami-113-125-1290
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (NY Mets :: Miami)
7:10 PM 954Atlanta7½o-1056o-1857o-1200
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Washington :: Atlanta)
7:10 PM 956Cincinnati-113-123-1270
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Milwaukee :: Cincinnati)
8:05 PM 958Chi Cubs-120-122-1240
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Pittsburgh :: Chi Cubs)
8:15 PM 960St. Louis-133-151-1560
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Philadelphia :: St. Louis)
9:40 PM 962Arizona-129-136-1340
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Colorado :: Arizona)
04/27/2015963San Francisco-1247½o-1057½o-1100
10:10 PM 964LA Dodgers6½o-115-147-1500
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (San Francisco :: LA Dodgers)
04/27/2015965Kansas City7o-1056½u-1156½o-1050
6:10 PM 966Cleveland-152-144-1440
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Kansas City :: Cleveland)
6:10 PM 968Boston-143-133-1360
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Toronto :: Boston)
04/27/2015969Chi White Sox9u-1208½o-1058½o-1150
7:05 PM 970Baltimore-145-127-1330
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Chi White Sox :: Baltimore)
04/27/2015971Tampa Bay8½u-1208½o-1088½o-1200
7:05 PM 972NY Yankees-139-124-1270
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Tampa Bay :: NY Yankees)
8:05 PM 974Texas-113-112-1120
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Seattle :: Texas)
8:10 PM 976Minnesota7½o-1108o-1058o-1150
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Detroit :: Minnesota)
10:10 PM 978San Diego-141-116-1160
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Houston :: San Diego)
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04/27/201517NY Islanders5o-1225o-1305o-1350
7:30 PM 18Washington-130-142-1500
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (NY Islanders :: Washington)
04/27/201519Tampa Bay5o-1155o-1355o-1400
7:00 PM 20Detroit-107o-115-117-1250
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Tampa Bay :: Detroit)