Ecks & Bacon....Feel The Sizzle!!!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Someone asked if I could teach Stephanie how to drink from a bottle...

As always, I AM AVAILABLE!!!

Just wished you all lived in Vegas and had any of the phone betting apps that are available around town. It allows us, me, to bet most any of the games in progress. Like yesterday for example, when the Jaguars were up 21-0, the in-game line had the Steelers at +10.5. Little taste? Why not. Then Pittsburgh scored, making it 21-7, and the line dropped back to Steelers +6.5. Then Big Ben fumbled and the line went back to +10.5. Another taste. Why not? Then another Steeler score at the end of the first half and line dropped to +6.5. What a RIDE! Even with a lousy pick, which it was on Pitt, you can make back some cash during the game. So actually, despite having an initial play on Pittsburgh, and losing that, we wound up making a few bucks with the two +10.5 point wagers when the game finished 45-42. SO FUN! And SO LEGAL!!!

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